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How to solve the problem of poor salt absorption in softened water equipment

Source:www.sxktgs.com   Time: 2022-04-01 14:50

  The main function of industrial softening water equipment is to reduce the hardness of raw water. With the continuous improvement of user requirements, the performance of the equipment has been improved. At present, industrial softening water equipment has a high degree of automation, diversified product models, more convenient use, and can meet different needs. However, if the operation is not blocked during use, it will directly affect the quality of the water. If the equipment does not absorb salt smoothly, how should I solve it?
  If the industrial softening water equipment does not absorb salt or absorbs salt very slowly during the operation, we must first find the cause of this phenomenon, and then carry out targeted maintenance. The reasons for the poor salt absorption of regeneration are: too low water supply pressure, blockage of the brine filter pipe, blockage of the salt absorption pipe, blockage of the water ejector, etc. When checking, you can follow the following order:
  1. Check the pressure gauge of the water inlet pipe to confirm whether the water inlet pressure meets the conventional standard at this time.
  2. Check whether the salt suction pipe is blocked.
  3. Unscrew the salt water filter, disassemble it and rinse it with clean water. If the problem is still solved, it is necessary to disassemble the upper sealing cover of the water ejector and rinse it clean.

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