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Introduction of winter antifreeze measures for pure water equipment

Source:www.sxktgs.com   Time: 2022-04-01 14:47

  The winter antifreeze measures for pure equipment mainly include the following three points:
  1. The first preventive measure is to bury the equipment below the permafrost layer. This method can be said to be simple and crude, but it can ensure that the temperature inside the equipment will not drop below zero. However, the activity of the bacteria in the equipment may also be affected by The temperature is still not high enough. And because the pure water equipment needs to be buried more than 1.5 meters deep, the equipment requirements are relatively high.
  2. In addition to burying deep underground, we can also add electric heat tracing inside the equipment for heat preservation, lay electric heating cables around the equipment and adjust the temperature through an intelligent temperature control system. In order to prevent the generated heat from being lost, the electric heating cable can be covered with rubber and plastic cotton, etc.
  3. Place the pure water equipment on the ground and cover a house on the outside. In winter, heating equipment such as a stove or a heater can be added inside the house. This method can solve the problem of low temperature and increase the activity of bacteria, but in construction In terms of construction investment may be relatively large.

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